The Institute on Communication and Inclusion

What We Do

The Institute on Communication and Inclusion (ICI) at Syracuse University is an active research, training, and support center, and the nation’s leading resource for information about communication and inclusion for individuals who type to communicate. We conduct and disseminate cutting-edge research, and share the latest from scholars at other universities and research centers.

Research Statement

Our Research Statement on the basics of supported typing, and what research reveals about its effectiveness.

Featured Resources

Articles by ICI staff and researchers and additional resources on communication and inclusion.

Research Supporting Authorship

An annotated bibliography of works supporting the validity of messages passed through typing.

Practice Room

Our Practice Room is available for booking to developing supported typing skills and practicing with facilitators.

Current Projects & Research

IEP Study

This study includes analysis of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) of students with intellectual and developmental disability labels who use, or may benefit from, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Read More about our IEP Study

iPad for Communication

This study seeks to understand how individuals with complex communication needs use iPad apps to practice and hone skills associated with typing to communicate.

Read More about our iPad Study

Freshman Year

This study explores the academic, social, and support experiences and foster mentorship relationships with students who type to communicate.

Read More about Freshman Year

Training & Events

The ICI provides training workshops for both typers and facilitators, skill building and practice sessions, community bonding events, and summer institutes. We also provide referrals to trainers for assessments, individual skill building consultations, and other technical assistance.

A teenage male points to a letter board being held my an adult female.


The ICI hosts introductory workshops, workshops at a variety of skill levels, Skill Building Saturdays, summer institutes, and staffed Practice Room hours and support for typers and facilitators.

A child's hand reaches to type on an apple keyboard.


The ICI provides evaluation, consultation, and assistance to families, school districts, and related service agencies to support access to communication and education for individuals with complex needs. Contact us for additional information.

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Advocacy & Community

The ICI promotes advocacy and community building through its Saturday Series and Focus on Practice events, providing a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for practice and skill development.