Upcoming workshops, social events, trainings, and other events can be found on our calendar.

Focus on Practice

The ICI Focus on Practice has been monthly sessions designed for local facilitators and other support people to come together and share challenges, successes and best practices in supporting individuals who type to communicate. Focus on Practice sessions will focus on developing skills for typers such as message passing, developing an independent yes/no or maintaining rhythm and focus.The sessions will be comprised of 3 to 4 experienced typers and their facilitators.

Saturday Series

Gathering together for friendship, learning, and community practice. This is a chance for learning, fellowship, and lots of typing practice alongside other local typers and their families/facilitators.

ICI Blog

We invite all persons who type to communicate, their mentors/family members, professionals to join in the conversation on the ICI Blog. Share your thoughts, opinions, experiences on any topic of your interest with friends in the typing community!

Typers can submit posts by emailing writing to This is your blog, and as such we are most interested in hearing about the things that are on your minds. However, here is a list of some topics and ideas that might spark some creative thought and writing to get you started.

  • Thoughts about recent events, experiences or activities (i.e. Saturday Series gatherings, places you visit on vacation, community events you attend, field trips you take with school, etc.)
  • Ideas on being a student and going to school
  • Ideas about being a member of a community
  • Ideas about working and living
  • Art of all kinds: Poetry, stories, photography, painting, drawing, music, etc. (If you create a piece of art that is not text-based, you can still post it to the blog by sending us a photograph or a scanned image of the work, along with a description or comment about it)
  • Thoughts on topics like friendships, relationships, hobbies, independence, goals, places you’d like to visit, family, etc.
  • Anything else you are interested in sharing!